Will you be my beta tester for the Inner Hippie Club?

I am so excited to announce that the beta test phase for my brand new Inner Hippie Club is starting on Monday, 29 July 2020. For one month, you can be amongst the first ever Inner Hippies to test and help me create this brand new and exciting community, which will be opening its doors for the very first time on 27 July 2020.

I am looking for women who are willing to go all in and help me create a great community for all with their input, feedback and ideas. Find out what the Inner Hippie club is all about at https://silkeharvey.com

So if you want to be a pioneering Inner Hippie, please fill out the beta tester application form at https://forms.gle/RjGKfspEGWBWsDCB9

Or private message me if you have any questions at all or want me to send you the application form link directly.

Thanks so much for your help, I’m so looking forward to makeing this a really great experience!

Bright blessings,

Silke xx

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